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All products / Series: Pets

A favourite pet leaves its footprints on their heart - that is the sign of a true pet lover and the perfect choice for this delicate charm
Silver Pendant Paws on Heart
The cute little Chihuahua has been delighting celebrities and normal folk around the world. This silver charm is bound to do the same
Silver Pendant Chihuahua
Nothing is as delightful as the begging stance of a pet dog, whether it's looking for a morsel to eat or a scratch behind the ears
Silver Pendant Begging Dog
The quirky little dachshund has been celebrated in art, literature and many a cartoon, thanks to its floppy ears, short legs and sausage-like appearance
Silver Pendant Dachshund
Man's best friend, the hound has been part of our lives since the first civilisations domesticated this faithful creature
Silver Pendant Labrador Retriever
Well trained and obedient, the household dog is the most popular of pets the world over
Silver Pendant Puppy with Paper
The playful little kitten is sure to put a smile on the face of any new 'owner'
Silver Pendant Playful Kitten
There is something about kittens that makes even the hardest of hearts melt and go gooey. This sterling silver charm is no exception
Silver Pendant Tiny Kitten
Whether tracking a wild animal or just taking a beloved pet for a walk, the paw print has always evoked interest in the mind of humans
Silver Pendant Large Paw Print
The delightful cocker spaniel is one of the most recognizable of these small hunting breeds, and while spaniels have been around since the 1300s, Cockers are a relatively new breed
Silver Pendant Cocker Spaniel
The wilderness paw prints can represent the great wilds or a new adventure
Silver Pendant Paws
Wild animal or much-loved pet? That's the question behind who made this paw print
Silver Pendant Paw Print
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