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All products / Series: Nature's Landscapes

This detailed winter scene on a wooden tablet is elegantly complemented by the Pearl, wood and black Jade beads that add harmony to the setting.
Wooden Pendant with Black Jade, Pearl and Wooden Beads
The robin red-breast in the snow has been a popular motif for over a century, and is reproduced here, delicately painted on a wooden pendant, featuring pearl and black jade touches.
Wooden Pendant with Black Jade, Pearl and Wood Beads
As sun sets over an ancient woodland, her dusk hues are reflected in the amber glass and wood beads below.
Wooden Pendant with Glass and Wood Beads
Snow settling on a mountain retreat with a nod to the beauty of the woodland around it, this double pendant with its delicate pearl is a true masterpiece.
Wooden Pendant with Pearl and Wood Beads
Beautiful storm clouds gather at sunset in this eye-catching pendant, enhanced with black jade, pearl and wooden beads.
Wooden Pendant with Black Jade, Pearl and Wood Beads
The rustic snow scene creates a captivating setting for this bold, European inspired pendant piece.
Wooden Pendant with Wood Beads
The organic swirls of colour and form create a stunning landscape evoking a beautiful desert sunrise.
Wooden Pendant with Black Jade and Pearl Beads
A beautifully serene spring river is carefully depicted on this hand detailed wooden pendant with matching glass and gemstone trimmings.
Wooden Hand Painted Pendant with Gem Stone and Wooden Beads
The polished stone that completes this landscape miniature matches its colours perfectly as if plucked from the painting's sands
Wooden Hand Painted Pendant with Gem Stone Bead
Beautiful, earthy, double pendant choker necklace featuring a wonderfully detailed rural scene hand painted on wood and finished with wooden beading
Wooden Hand Painted Choker-necklace with Wooden Beads
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