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All products / Series: Just for laughs

The cheeky dancing frog is sure to bring a smile to all those he entertains
Silver Pendant Dancing Frog
The smiling baby hedgehog can even wiggle his arms and legs
Silver Pendant Hedgehog
The quirky skeleton makes a humorous Halloween gift
Silver Pendant Skeleton Moveable
The inquisitive cat is hinged allowing it to bury its head in the trash can
Silver Pendant Cat on Rubbish Bin Moveable
If anything could change your mind about the fearsome crocodile its our grinning walking critter that'll put a smile on any face
Silver Pendant Walking Crocodile
This comical little bird with worry on its face is sure to put a smile on the faces of all those he meets, thus relieving them of their own worries
Silver Pendant Worry Bird
Shake him gently and this cute little frog will dance for you as its legs swing from side to side.
Silver Pendant Dancing Frog Moveable
With his moveable top hat, the happy bumblebee will definitely bring a smile with him
Silver Pendant Bumblebee with Moveable Hat
Lanky limbed and bow-legged, this comical burnished silver cowboy charm is ideal for lovers of the wild west
Silver Pendant Cowboy
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