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All products / Series: Food and fare

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Pure, healthy and fresh, but also a cautionary tale in Biblical texts and certain Grimm fairytales. The humble apple has a few stories to tell
Silver Pendant Apple
The perfect pair - dependable, well-liked, comfortable, unassuming. Nothing says reliability and trust like the salt and pepper charm
Silver Pendant Salt and Pepper Mill
A showtime staple, this popcorn charm in burnished silver will certainly appeal to cinema buffs and movie lovers
Silver Pendant Popcorn
One of the warmer month's most pleasant pastimes is the picnic - why not celebrate it all year round with this highly detailed basket charm?
Silver Pendant Picnic Basket
Rich, red, sweet cherries are one of the world's favourite fruits for eating and in design, such as this burnished silver charm
Silver Pendant Cherries
The pear is an ancient fruit with almost limitless uses and a distinctive, appealing shape which is often reproduced as a jewelry piece
Silver Pendant Pear
A favorite in cinemas, at sports matches and at picnics, the cola cup is beloved by kids and adults alike
Silver Pendant Cola Cup
The history of the hamburger is highly disputed, but one thing's for sure, it makes a tasty and hearty meal and a quirky silver charm as well
Silver Pendant Hamburger
One of Italy's great inventions, the pizza in simpler forms has been around for centuries, but the modern pizza we know today was probably a Neapolitan creation
Silver Pendant Slice of Pizza
Chefs, cooks and protein addicted gym junkies will all see the funny side of this quirky silver charm
Silver Pendant Carton of Eggs
Mmmm... the pleasure of chewing the corn off the cob, dripping the juice and melted butter. These are the memories of childhood worth celebrating
Silver Pendant Ear of Corn
For flavor or for its many health benefits, garlic is one of our most beloved spices, given extra tang to so many dishes. Cast in silver, this one won't give you garlic breath though
Silver Pendant Garlic Bulb
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