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All products / Series: Flora

Just the sight of the Frangipani charm is enough to evoke the beautiful fragrance of this tropical flower
Silver Pendant Frangipani
The ideal accompaniment to the delightful frangipani charm
Silver Earrings Frangipani
The daffodil is the symbol of spring, new hope and the Welsh
Silver Pendant Daffodil
The beautiful, tropical hibiscus evokes memories of an exotic holiday destination
Silver Pendant Hibiscus
The grapes have not only represented the skill and craft of the winemaker and the palate of the winelover, but also a love for life and the joys of good living
Silver Pendant Bunch of Grapes
The traditional symbol of Wales and of hope, but also a favourite of flower-lovers around the world
Silver Pendant Daffodil
The beautiful and detailed rose charm is one of the most timeless and most endearing of silver jewelery pieces
Silver Pendant Rose
Keen gardeners and homemakers will delight in this little flowerpot bursting with silver petals
Silver Pendant Flat Flower Pot
The flower pendant is often seen as a miniature portrait or as a cameo piece, but here is our own burnished silver take on this beautiful classic
Silver Pendant Flower
Bright and happy, the sunflower's big yellow petals and spiraling centre make it one of the most popular flowers in the garden and around the home
Silver Pendant Sunflower
Delicate and emotive, the single rose is both understated and powerful as a symbol of love
Silver Pendant Rose
If fairytales are to be believed, the cute little toadstool is the home to all sorts of mystical beings from elves to gnomes and other spirits of the woodlands
Silver Pendant Mushroom
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