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All products / Series: Down by the sea

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They might be king of the sea, but even the most hardened angler respects the might and power of the great shark. An ideal pendant for the more courageous sea lover
Silver Pendant Shark
The fragile nautilus is one of natures most beautiful creations - finely recreated in this burnished silver charm pendant
Silver Pendant Nautilus Shell
The sand dollar is one of the most ancient creatures and is related to the sea urchin and starfish
Silver Pendant Sand Dollar
The large mouth bass is a curious creature that is much prized in North America as a trophy fish due to the fight it gives anglers
Silver Pendant Large Mouth Bass
The graceful bat ray is finely represented in this subtle elegant silver pendant charm
Silver Pendant Bat Ray
A beloved delicacy, the lobster or crayfish charm is one forever, not for the dinner plate
Silver Pendant Crayfish
Living in both freshwater and the sea, species of angel fish are renowned for their delicate beauty and poise
Silver Pendant Angel Fish
The starfish is found in all the oceans and its often brightly coloured 'shell' avidly collected by beachcombers
Silver Pendant Bat Star
One of the great delicacies of the sea, the tasty lobster makes for a romantic dish as well as delightful charm for the lovers of this delicious morsel
Silver Pendant Lobster
The salmon has been a prized catch for thousands of years and the goal of many a patient fly fisherman casting a line into stream and sea
Silver Pendant Salmon
This is something truly magical about the mysterious, delicate sea horse, and this sterling silver piece captures that charm
Silver Pendant Seahorse
The quirky starfish has been intriguing children and evoking memories of lazy summer days by the beach since time immemorial
Silver Pendant Starfish
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