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All products / Series: Birds of a feather

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The South American toucan is renowned for its massive bill, unique tail and its long lifespan, making it a favourite house pet throughout the Americas
Silver Pendant Toucan
This delicate feather is a piece of high detail. The eagle feather is highly revered in the native American culture
Silver Pendant Feather
Captured mid-hover, this graceful sterling silver hummingbird charm will easily fly into her heart
Silver Pendant Hummingbird
The silver birds nest charm a unique gift to celebrate an impending birth or just as a happy memento
Silver Pendant Bird Nest with Eggs
The burnished silver duckling charm is a quaintly traditional token, perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors
Silver Pendant Duckling
Representing peace and innocence, the silver dove charm can also be given in celebration of eternal love
Silver Pendant Dove
Soaring on the winds, this dramatic silver charm would also make an impressive pendant for a man's neckchain
Silver Pendant Flying Bird
The popular North American cardinal bird is named after its striking crimson plumage said to resemble the colour of the vestments of Roman Catholic cardinals
Silver Pendant Cardinal
The bookish owl is often regarded as the wisest of the birds. No one knows why, though this sterling silver charm would suggest they're also quite comical
Silver Pendant Large Owl
One of the world's most favourite birds, probably because of the penguin's similarity to human beings, as depicted in this burnished sterling silver charm pendant
Silver Pendant Penguin
The bald eagle is one of the symbolic of birds, being the national symbol of the United States appearing on its seal and linking the Native American lore with the democratic doctrines of ancient Rome
Silver Pendant Small Bald Eagle
The turkey is associated with times of celebration, especially in the USA and Canada where it is the focal point of Thanksgiving, and in other countries at Christmas
Silver Pendant Turkey
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