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The secret chest, with the heart-shaped lock has a hinged lid, to see the hope that remains inside
Silver Pendant Moveable Hope Chest
This little creepy crawly is for an individual taste, especially those who like the quirkier side to nature
Silver Pendant Bug
Chefs, cooks, waiters and simply those who enjoy eating, will appreciate the dinner charm
Silver Pendant Knife and Fork
Since the dawn of time we've been staring at the moon, trying to make out its human profile
Silver Pendant Man in Moon and Star
The beauty of this star piece lies in its elegant simplicity and timeless style
Silver Pendant Star Domed Message
A gift from the French, Lady Liberty has been the symbol of American freedom for generations, and an iconic welcome to New York
Silver Pendant Statue of Liberty
With its primitive styled beading, this little heart takes on a rustic charm all of its own
Silver Pendant Beaded Heart
Just looking at this realistic silver ice cream cone charm is enough to get the mouth watering
Silver Pendant Ice Cream Cone
One of the great symbols of France, the rooster is noted for its alertness, poise and ability to wake you up in the morning whether you want to or not
Silver Pendant Rooster
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