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Style: Aboriginal
Genuine Australian Aboriginal art from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Michelle Adams' unique hand painted piece draws inspiration from the traditions and the land of the local people, in fluid contours and the sunburnt colours of Australia. 
Measuring 274mm x 480mm (10.78 x 18.89 inches) the painting is presented on unstretched rolled up canvas.
Painting | show 3 items
Style: Active Lifestyle
A perfect neck chain pendant or keyring for the gym junkie, this silver dumbbell probably won't raise a sweat for them
Pendants | show 110 items
Style: Animalia
Carved from black Jade, the roo and joey will captivate you with their contrasting, garnet-coloured eyes.
Figurines | show 12 items
Pendants | show 2 items
Style: Art of Jade
As if surreally melting, this pendant is delicately carved from Australian black Jade.
Pendants | show 22 items
Style: Austral
Australian black Jade love heart stud earrings make an ideal complement for day or evening wear.
Bangles | show 6 items
Earrings | show 19 items
Pendants | show 41 items
Style: Charms
From cricket and rugby to baseball and everyday streetwear, the basic sports cap holds icon status in sport and street culture
Pendants | show 289 items
Style: Contemporary
Simple elegant ear studs created to perfectly match the charm bracelet or wear by themselves every day
Earrings | show 7 items
Style: Culture
All Canadians and those who love the lands north of the 49th Parallel, will become fond owners of the maple leaf charm
Pendants | show 81 items
Style: Exclusive
A late afternoon flight sees the solitary seagull gliding in the updrafts of a rugged, windswept the coastline to create this eye-catching wooden painted pendant
Pendants | show 51 items
Style: Good Mum
Free from lead, BPA, PVC, phthalate and other nasties, this white moonstone-coloured food-grade silicone ring is safe for teething babies while still being an elegant jewellery piece
Pendants | show 6 items
Style: Harmony
This intricately crafted ball pendant evokes images and sounds of exotic lands as the replaceable colored ball within, chimes with the wearer's movement and can be matched to her chosen outfit.
Earrings | show 1 item
Pendants | show 6 items
Style: Nature
Two playful dolphins frolic together in this charming silver piece
Earrings | show 1 item
Pendants | show 202 items
Style: Ocean
Reflecting the traditional fish hook design, these black Jade earrings feature fine silver accoutrements.
Earrings | show 18 items
Pendants | show 70 items
Style: Romance
The petite heart is the perfect symbol of your love and affection
Pendants | show 45 items
Style: Sea World
This enigmatic seahorse - the symbol of patience, strength and good luck in many cultures - holds a cultured pearl in its tail and gentle smile on its face.
Earrings | show 2 items
Pendants | show 7 items
Style: Sydney
Two-piece pendant featuring and inverted teardrop in black Jade below a silver rod pendant.
Bracelets | show 2 items
Earrings | show 32 items
Necklaces | show 1 item
Pendants | show 69 items
Pins | show 1 item
Style: Symbols
W... is for a worldly Wallis, Willow and Wynne
Pendants | show 164 items
Style: Zodiac
The Pisces charm represents the goat and is the 12th astrological symbol and is for those born between 19 February and 20 March. Pisceans are often regarded as quiet, compassionate, dramatic and risk-takers
Pendants | show 34 items
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