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Style: Aboriginal
Genuine Australian Aboriginal art from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Michelle Adams' unique hand painted piece draws inspiration from the traditions and the land of the local people, in organic forms and the earthy shades of Northern Australia. 
Measuring 274mm x 480mm (10.78 x 18.89 inches) the painting is presented on unstretched rolled up canvas.
Painting | show 3 items
Style: Active Lifestyle
The spitfire harks back to days of airbattles and propellers
Pendants | show 110 items
Style: Animalia
The inquisitive, large Tasmanian devil in black Jade is an appealing take on one of Australia's grumpiest little creatures.
Figurines | show 12 items
Pendants | show 2 items
Style: Art of Jade
Drawing inspiration from natural lines and forms, this carved black Cowell Jade pendant is unique and intriguing.
Pendants | show 22 items
Style: Austral
Australian black Jade boomerang pendant with double end, traditional lacing.
Bangles | show 6 items
Earrings | show 19 items
Pendants | show 41 items
Style: Charms
Mmmm... the pleasure of chewing the corn off the cob, dripping the juice and melted butter. These are the memories of childhood worth celebrating
Pendants | show 289 items
Style: Contemporary
The free-form shapes of these silver pendant earrings lend themselves perfectly to after-five wear
Earrings | show 7 items
Style: Culture
The mysterious sphinx has been a favoured symbol of ancient times as well as those who love all things Egyptian
Pendants | show 81 items
Style: Exclusive
Like a full bouquet in a single flower, this exotic bloom is as detailed as it is beautiful with its carved bone teardrop and delicate pearl
Pendants | show 51 items
Style: Good Mum
Free from lead, BPA, PVC, phthalate and other nasties, this pink quartz-coloured food-grade silicone ring is safe for teething babies while still being an elegant jewellery piece
Pendants | show 6 items
Style: Harmony
Harking back to a bygone era, the romantic silver rose spiral draws admirers in with its alluring and engaging charm.
Earrings | show 1 item
Pendants | show 6 items
Style: Nature
The popular North American cardinal bird is named after its striking crimson plumage said to resemble the colour of the vestments of Roman Catholic cardinals
Earrings | show 1 item
Pendants | show 202 items
Style: Ocean
Modern style spiral pendant carved from choice of black Nephrite Jade and featuring a fine gold bale and neck chain.
Earrings | show 18 items
Pendants | show 70 items
Style: Romance
So stylish yet so refined... is there a more elegant way to show your love than through this simple heart charm?
Pendants | show 45 items
Style: Sea World
The delicate silver starfish makes an ideal piece for any summer with its casual shape and gloss finish.
Earrings | show 2 items
Pendants | show 7 items
Style: Sydney
Glamorous and uniquely designed silver earrings set around bright green Jade ovals.
Bracelets | show 2 items
Earrings | show 32 items
Necklaces | show 1 item
Pendants | show 69 items
Pins | show 1 item
Style: Symbols
Based on the traditional Celtic Knot motif, the simple charm represents the Circle of Life
Pendants | show 164 items
Style: Zodiac
The rooster is a symbol of 'heralding dawn' as anyone who has lived near a farm will attest
Pendants | show 34 items
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