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Style: Aboriginal
Genuine Australian Aboriginal art from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Michelle Adams' unique hand painted piece draws inspiration from the traditions and the land of the local people, in organic forms and the earthy shades of Northern Australia. 
Measuring 274mm x 480mm (10.78 x 18.89 inches) the painting is presented on unstretched rolled up canvas.
Painting | show 3 items
Style: Active Lifestyle
With its birth way back in the Middle Ages, baseball didn't take on its modern form until it hit the USA in the mid 19th Century. It is now a global game and the national sport of Japan!
Pendants | show 110 items
Style: Animalia
Traditionally carved small black Nephrite Jade platypus is an ideal gift for children.
Figurines | show 12 items
Pendants | show 2 items
Style: Art of Jade
Finely carved black Jade barrel bead on plaited lacing is ideal as both a man's or woman's jewellery piece.
Pendants | show 22 items
Style: Austral
Elegant and eye-catching, these solid round bangles are carved from a single piece of Australian black Jade.
Bangles | show 6 items
Earrings | show 19 items
Pendants | show 41 items
Style: Charms
This cute little parasol won't keep the rain off but it's sure to brighten her day
Pendants | show 289 items
Style: Contemporary
These tiny silver globe earrings make great all day jewellery pieces
Earrings | show 7 items
Style: Culture
The gorgeous ballerina pendant will inspire any young dancer
Pendants | show 81 items
Style: Exclusive
Two colourful birds are drawn to the beacon of light in this evocative night scene, painted on wood and complemented by pearl, black jade and wooden beads.
Pendants | show 51 items
Style: Good Mum
Free from lead, BPA, PVC, phthalate and other nasties, this pink quartz-coloured food-grade silicone ring is safe for teething babies while still being an elegant jewellery piece
Pendants | show 6 items
Style: Harmony
Circling and embracing each other in unison, this twin spiral is the perfect symbol of enduring partnership and togetherness.
Earrings | show 1 item
Pendants | show 6 items
Style: Nature
The burnished silver duckling charm is a quaintly traditional token, perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors
Earrings | show 1 item
Pendants | show 202 items
Style: Ocean
Inspired by traditional South Pacific amulets, these pendant earrings are available in green Jade and a choice of silver settings.
Earrings | show 18 items
Pendants | show 70 items
Style: Romance
Hugs and kisses, kisses and hugs. What better way to show your love and friendship - or just tell someone you're thinking of them fondly?
Pendants | show 45 items
Style: Sea World
With its white pearl-inspired bead, carried like treasure in its tail, this silver seahorse pendant is both whimsical and beautiful.
Earrings | show 2 items
Pendants | show 7 items
Style: Sydney
Two-piece silver lozenge pendant around a disc of green Jade.
Bracelets | show 2 items
Earrings | show 32 items
Necklaces | show 1 item
Pendants | show 69 items
Pins | show 1 item
Style: Symbols
X... is for an 'xceptional Xanthe and an 'xtraordinary Xiao-Xing, Xui and Xaviera
Pendants | show 164 items
Style: Zodiac
The Capricorn charm represents the goat and is the 10th astrological symbol and is for those born between 22 December and 19 January. Capricornians are often regarded as mature, ambitions, conservative and thoughtful
Pendants | show 34 items
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