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Welcome to Wizard Jewelry!

Discover the world of Wizard Jewelry - your complete online jeweler, offering you an exquisite collection of gold, silver and gemstone pieces to enhance and complement every fashion style.

From the elegant to the whimsical, our collection features a stunning showcase of beautiful earrings, bangles, rings and pendants as well as miniature carvings and artisan pieces, all ready to be dispatched within hours of your purchase.

Browse through our online catalogue for a perfect gift to last a lifetime, an heirloom piece to treasure for generations, or a special treat just for yourself. Simply search by piece, style, precious metal or stone and uncover a range that will have you spellbound - especially since half the fun is choosing.

The Scorpio charm represents the scorpion, and is the 8th astrological symbol and is for those born between 23 October and 22 November. Scorpios are regarded as passionate, reserved, curious and stubbornOriginally hoisted by Caribbean pirate 'Calico' Jack Rackham, the Jolly Roger has been the symbol of rebellion and piracy ever sinceThe flower pendant is often seen as a miniature portrait or as a cameo piece, but here is our own burnished silver take on this beautiful classicThis detailed winter scene on a wooden tablet is elegantly complemented by the Pearl, wood and black Jade beads that add harmony to the setting.


Whatever your style, you'll find the perfect set of earrings and accessories to match any occasion. With a range that extends from understated ear-studs to bold and glamorous pendant earrings, Wizard Jewelry offers exceptional pieces in gold and silver, as well as gemstone earrings in a myriad of designs to tempt and delight.


A virtual treasure trove awaits those seeking the ideal pendant piece - from classic jade to intricate silver, Wizard Jewelry's collection includes the exotic, the sophisticated, the quirky and the enchanting. Browse through our catalogue and you'll encounter shapes inspired by the cultures of the Pacific, forms evoking the beauty of nature, and opulent styles reflecting the most romantic of bygone eras.


For everyday chic to glamorous eveningwear, our necklaces are specially chosen to complement every discerning taste. Be tantalized by the refined grace of silver, and let the unmistakable allure of brilliantly polished gemstones take your breath away.

Bracelets and Bangles

Graceful lines and intricate designs - our precious metal and jade bangles and bracelets add finesse to any outfit, whether you're relaxing at the beach or dazzling at a cocktail party.

Gifts and figurines

When an occasion calls for that special gift or memento, Wizard Jewelry is proud to offer a range of superbly carved figurines and artisan pieces. Or if you're stuck for inspiration, head straight for the Best-Seller section where you're bound to find just the piece for that one person who seems to have everything.

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